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Hypnosis for Sports Motivation with Belfast Hypnotherapy - Alan Gilchrist

My Fast Track Hypnosis has helped thousands of people, from amateurs to World Champions, to motivate themselves in their chosen sport. A sportsman, or woman, must be at the peak of physical condition to place them at their top of the game; but no matter how many hours are dedicated to training, it’s pointless if the mind isn’t also in shape.

Certain obstacles can divert an athlete or sports person from reaching their particular target, some of these are:

The fear of the competition itself

The feeling of being watched or stared at - this is particularly profound in Golfers!

The fear of losing terribly

The fear of making a fool of oneself

Fast Track Hypnosis is a tried and tested motivational tool, used successfully in the business arena and the sporting one! Motivation is the key to success.

Golfers have used applied Hypnosis for sports motivation for years, but it is fully functional for both individual and team sports. From football to rugby, rowing to clay pigeon shooting, boxing to surfing! The list is endless! And Hypnosis is gradually becoming part of a sportsman’s career.

Mental blockages in performance can be detrimental to your end goal. Hypnosis for Spots motivation overcomes them, as well as aiding with developing and strengthening key competitive skills. This leaves you free to attain outstanding results. Time and again.

Both the professional and amateur sportsman use Hypnosis  for sports motivation as an integral part of pre-match or training preparation. Sports psychologists use Hypnosis techniques in their sports motivation programmes, only they call it something completely different!

"Thank you for the sessions we did. The effects have been tremendous. It has made an unbelievable difference to my golf. I was able to concentrate totally on my matches having lost the "nerves" I was plagued with. In general, the effect has been to relax me in other situations, and my only regret is that I hadn't done this a lot sooner"
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