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In a career spanning nearly thirty years, you’d agree that I’ve seen a lot in my time. When I first opened my practice, I assumed one of the most common phobias I’d treat with hypnosis would be fears of mice or spiders or creepy crawlies. However, I’ve come to realize that the most common phobia is actually... blushing.

A few times a month, clients would visit to have their mice or spider phobias treated, yet I'd have a few visits a day with eureuthophobics!

is the devastating fear of blushing, which can and does walk hand in hand with scopophobia - the fear of being stared at. This generally encompasses the fear of social disgrace; where people dread making a fool of themselves, with the ultimate result being a blush!

People who have a tendency to blush are usually tense and nervous when they're with other people. As soon as they feel that prickling heat, the signal that they're about to blush, panic sets in. And of course, this only makes a bad situation ten times worse! Why? They'll blush all the more!

Blushers go to extreme lengths to try to cover up this crippling phobia.

There are countless methods people resort to, simply to hide their phobia. I've known men who've grown beards to disguise it, and in point of fact, men are fortunate. Women can't do this! As such, they have other techniques. Perhaps they'll go OTT with their make-up, or frequent tanning beds so that the tan will disguise their blush. This is actually a fallacy. A tan will not hide a blush.
Others will cover their faces with their hair- the page boy cut is a popular style for this! Some will wear polo neck jumpers, even in summer, if they're aware that their blush will spread to their throat.

Dim lights of an evening are a must, if they're having a meal at a restaurant, and a table near the door so they can make a quick exit if they feel a blush setting in. I've heard of people developing nasal issues, so they can hold a handkerchief to their noses!

"Some months ago I came to see you about a blushing problem. I noticed a difference from day one in my confidence and how relaxed I was. I once dreaded going out of the house, now I love to take part in everything. My family say they will have to send me back to you to shut me up - cause I do nothing but talk now!"
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