Overcome Interview Nerves using Fast Track Hypnosis
with Belfast Hypnotherapy - Alan Gilchrist

Employers want to recruit the best - not embarrass them during interviews!

The idea of a job interview is enough to have most people feeling faintly queasy. Either that, or beset with a gutful of butterflies! The very prospect of displaying their most professional side to complete strangers, as well as the prospect of retaining a cool head and handling the situation with aplomb - can be enough to instigate a bout of stuttering! Something which only adds to a person's turmoil!

A phrase I often hear is the following:

"I was the best for the job; but I completely made a hash of the interview."

Gain interview confidence with Fast Track Hypnosis

Past failure is just one of the reasons people visit me- with one interview having floundered thanks to nerves, they refuse the prospect of a reoccurrence.
It's impossible to wing an interview. Preparation is the key and I can't help you with that side of things. But all the preparation in the world won't help you project yourself as the ideal candidate for the job.

An interview is the perfect moment to display your capabilities to a potential employer. With the prospect of potential promotion, is it any wonder these situations are a hot bed of nerves? However, the key to a successful interview is to remain cool, calm and relaxed.
This way, you display the real you and the recruiter can only be impressed.
If you do your best and know you retained a cool head, then even if you aren't given the job, you can leave knowing you did your best.

And what more can a person ask for?

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