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In the mid nineties, Steve Collins took the World Boxing Organisation’s Super Middleweight Title from Chris Eubanks. In the papers, this radical new therapy came under the spotlight - Hypnotherapy for Sports Motivation. Details were soon leaked that Collins had been programmed to throw two punches for every one of Eubanks. And the tabloids soon revealed that Eubank hit Collins 300 times and Collins returned the favour over 600 times!

Sports motivation is just one of the fads that have been sensationalised by the press, but in this case, it’s actually extremely effective. My children are keen horse riders and I treated them with this technique as I wanted them to enjoy the experience of competitive riding without fear or nerves clouding their minds. The three of them all attained Show Pony Rider Champions of the Year!

Hypnosis with childbirth was touted as the next fad and again, it’s another efficacious treatment! I used my Fast Track Hypnosis Childbirth session on my wife during the births of our three children and rather than have a arduous experience, she was able to enjoy it for the miracle that it is.

Over the 26 years I have been in practice I have seen various trends in Hypnosis whenever a new idea has come into the public eye.

The point is, that techniques come and go. Some, like a particular fad that used regression therapy to take a woman back to puberty so as to increase her bust size. are quite ludicrous. but some of them are very useful and recently,  Gastric Band Hypnosis has come into the public eye.

The real Gastric Band operation has been touted as the best surgical procedure around to help obese people lose dramatic amounts of weight loss. It’s helped many, many thousands of people.

The Gastric Band by Hypnosis is a Hypnotherapists version of the real Gastric Band and with it, a person is placed under hypnosis and suggestion therapy is used to convince the subconscious into believing that they’ve actually undergone the Gastric Band operation. The theory goes that when the mind is tricked into believing this, the stomach needs less food to feel satiated and by changing eating patterns, weight loss ensues.

Gastric Band Hypnosis at the Belfast Hypnotherapy - Alan Gilchrist Centre

My Weight Control clinics have been featured in many papers and I’ve always believed that if something isn’t broken, then it doesn’t need to be fixed. However, my name and the special techniques that I developed has spread and knowing how effective Fast Track Hypnosis is, I’ve been inundated with people pleading for a Fast Track Gastric Band by Hypnosis system! People love the idea of the Hypnosis Gastric Band, but aren’t willing to go to the huge expense of multiple sessions to do this.

As always, Fast Track Hypnosis speeds up the process and in this case, does the job in just the ONE session! and is now available at the Belfast Hypnotherapy - Alan Gilchrist Centre and other clinics.

The entire package consists of:..

Fast Track Hypnosis,

Laser Therapy,

Gastric Band Visualisation,

Professionally produced, support CD,

plus Guarantee!

The Gastro Band is the alternative to the Fast Track Weight Control and as always, the client has the choice of the path they wish to take.

Will the Fast Track Gastro Band work for everyone?

No! It won’t work for everyone and the answer is simply - Phobias!

This technique is not for people who have phobias such as:
 doctors- Iatrophobia, injections- Trypanophobia, operations- Tomophobia, surgical operations- Ergasiophobia etc. as the procedure would be far too distressing for them.

If a client does suffer with one of the above phobias, then they would have to attend three to four sessions prior to the Gastro Band session to sort out the phobia first. Naturally, they could always opt for the Fast Track Weight Control session. Again, it is the client’s choice.

So instead of going for a series of sessions (and a lot of expense) the Fast Track Hypnosis Gastroband is STILL completed on the ONE session. Although it is one session it comes with all the extras put into the session as well

In the unlikely event of a client experiencing any difficulties within one month of the Hypnosis Lose Weight or Gastroband -  Gastric Band Hypnosis session and they require a booster session,  this second session is completely free of charge.

This is an alternative to the hugely successful Fast track Hypnosis to Lose Weight and Laser Therapy session, so the Client can choose whichever one they would like to do.

"Almost 3 years ago I needed help to focus on getting weight off. Alan helped me achieve this.
I lost 6 Stone ( 38 Kilos ) in approx 4 - 5 months after my session and listening to his CD. This help , has enabled me to achieve other goals in life as well. I continue to use the CD at times to maintain my weight loss....Bob......."

So there you have it, you now have the option to choose
which Fast Track Hypnosis to Lose Weight session suits you the bes
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