Fast Track your way to a happier life style in ONE  simple 30 minute
Hypnosis Weight Loss Session - With Guarantee !

With Belfast Hypnotherapy - Alan Gilchrist Hypnosis Weight Loss Centre

Fast Track Weight Control is a diet aid. It will help you lose weight, healthily. It will motivate you to stick to your diet and then, when you have lost all of your weight, it will help you maintain that weight loss. Fast Track Weight Control isn’t a fad and it will put a hold on yo-yo diets. They’ll become a thing of the past. No more losing weight, then regaining it. Losing then regaining. It shouldn’t be a battle!

Lose Weight using Hypnosis will put a halt to this inner war and you’ll simply cease having weight issues.

You’ve probably lost count of all the diets you’ve started only to return to your normal eating habits after a few weeks of existing on two lettuce leaves every hour or so.

Undoubtedly, you’ve tried the ‘traditional methods’. The slimming organisations or the pills. But you’ve probably found that you will lose the weight, but as soon as the diet comes to an end and you’ve reached your goal, you start to gain weight again after a few weeks of eating normally.

Imagine being able to look in the mirror and feeling delighted at the way you look- all gained by YOU and your willpower.

This Hypnosis system to lose weight boosts your willpower and self-esteem, while encouraging you to maintain and enjoy a healthy eating and exercise regime. They’ll cease feeling alien to you and your lifestyle, indeed, they’ll become second nature to you. This takes the chore out of maintaining your weight loss.

Only the ONE session of Fast Track Hypnosis and Laser Therapy could be all it takes to switch you from the unhealthy, depressed and overweight YOU, to a YOU that is fit, full of vitality as well as a YOU that is alert and active and enjoying every minute of YOUR life.

It isn’t my role, as a Hypnotherapist, to tell you which diet to go on. That’s your choice. My job is to help tune up your mind- to stop it listening to your faulty appetite control centre. Soon your brain will only hear and listen to the messages your stomach sends and so, the habit of eating whenever you’re bored is broken.

Fast Track Hypnosis and Laser Therapy is all part of the weight control package, so rather than opting for one type of therapy, you can now have two highly successful methods at no extra cost and all working to help you reach your ultimate goal: a more attractive YOU.

Included in the Weight Control Package are: ..

Fast Track Hypnosis,

Laser Therapy,

Professionally produced, support CD,

Professional, Support CD

I include a Support CD in the package to reinforce our work together throughout your weight loss journey.

Fast Track Weight Control occurs within ONE, thirty minute session. However, in the unlikely even that you require a booster session, then a second session can be arranged, free of charge although this must occur within one month of the original session.

Discounts are available for group bookings. All hypnosis sessions are private and individual.

If the problem is emotional…

If your self-esteem is to blame, where the extra weight you carry is an excuse for you not enjoying your life to the full, then you might require more than the one session. In this case, it isn’t about breaking the habit. It’s about seeking and determining the underlying issue behind your overeating. Once this has been determined, then the Weight Control session can take place.

Every individual has their own unique background and history. It’s impossible to say, therefore, how many sessions you need. With conventional Hypnotherapy, it can take anywhere between eight and fifteen sessions. However, if you have read my About page, then you’ll understand my methods are different. Ordinarily, four sessions would be all that is required.

If your weight gain is due to a medical condition, then I may not be of help to you. Seek advice from your GP.

Imagine, finally looking better, feeling fitter and brimming with good health. Imagine your self-confidence shooting through the roof and your self-esteem with it! You’ll take control of your life as well as your weight- you’ll be in the driving seat not your emotions nor your appetite! You’ll be free of the burden of being overweight and you’ll start to lead your life to the full.

If this is what you want, then contact me... TODAY !

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