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Do you want to STOP SMOKING in less than 30 minutes?

That you’re here, reading through this site, means that you’ve taken a step forwards it. You’ve decided enough is enough and that it’s time to quit smoking. You’re researching the process and are deciding upon the best option for you. Well, using Hypnosis In Belfast to quit the habit is the best option. You’ve found it.

My unique system has been featured, put to the test and PROVEN to work on TWO consumer programmes !


Knowing that our choice of habit is bad for us doesn’t make us stop. Humans are creatures of habit, after all and regardless of the anti-smoking adverts, that do their best to terrify us, we ignore them and carry on. Why? We’re stubborn.

Every single smoker realizes how much money they’d save if they quit, on top of adding countless years to their life! Yet, people continue. They ignore sound warnings from health officials and doctors and anti-smoking campaigns, simply because cigarettes have become part and parcel of their life.

They’ve wormed their way into daily activities so much so, that the habits are ingrained into their existence. On a morning, the first thing a smoker will do, is reach for a cigarette.

Some people can’t eat, have a glass of wine or even start the engine of their car without a cigarette in hand. These are physical habits, but cigarettes also become a coping mechanism that enable a smoker to deal with stress or even boredom. Smoking is a false friend, which can ultimately kill a person. And yet, when a smoker is upset, the first thing they’ll do is reach for a cigarette to make them feel better. Makes no sense does it?

Fast Track Hypnosis and Laser Therapy can eliminate these habits FOREVER.

The facts don’t lie. Standard hypnosis has helped millions of people worldwide to quit the habit and with Fast Track Hypnosis in Belfast to stop smoking used in conjunction with Laser Therapy, my own success rate has shot through the roof!

" Hi Alan, I visited you nearly one year ago for none smoking and to this day am still not!! Thank you very much. I have since recommended you many times to some friends of mine and they would be interested in having a session with you as well. Michelle.........."

How much has smoking cost you financially?
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