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Take the Stress Out Of Studying And Exams with Fast Track Hypnosis

It’s impossible to have gone through life without, at some point or another, going through the trauma of exam nerves. While some people can easily learn and digest the necessary information to sit through a test, others simply find it impossible to retain the information on the day of the exam.

Exams are always a stressful time; be you five, fifteen or fifty! It’s always an unnerving experience and for many, the thought of failure is abhorrent as is the fear of revising for hours on end, only for nerves to have all of the pertinent facts fluttering away as though you hadn’t bothered at all!

Exam stress can either occur on the day of the test, but for many, the run up to it can be just as terrifying. I’ve dealt with clients at my Hypnotherapy Centre in Belfast who’ve been nervous many months prior to the actual exam!

Fear can stem from a previous exam, where a person simply forgot everything they’d learnt and the fear of such a reoccurrence has them so nervous that they can’t sleep or rest properly. Unfortunately, this is a vicious circle as this causes fatigue, which makes it difficult for a person to function correctly during the day.

Research shows that students who sleep and eat well and regularly, perform best in exams.

Strung out students who are living on their nerves obviously don’t!

"Dear Mr Gilchrist, just a note to let you know that the Fast Track Hypnosis sessions plus the CD worked marvels- beyond what I'd hoped for. After having sat two parts of a five part Irish Language "A Level " , may I just say, I can't wait for the remainder of the exam. NO NERVES were experienced on entering the centre nor during the exams. Also the subject material came back just as I needed it !. Many thanks again ,yours Faithfully Darragh"  Alan Gilchrist - Next

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