Exam Stress - overcome it with Belfast Hypnotherapy - Alan Gilchrist

It isn’t unheard of for exam stress to trigger episodes of depression and panic attacks!

People under deep emotional strain because of their upcoming exams, sometimes experience the following:

Fast Track Hypnosis is unique to my Hypnotherapy Centre in Belfast and my one day clinics. The process will have you feeling more at ease, before and during your exam as it’s designed to calm you down and to retrain your brain so as to allow you to retain more facts whilst studying. Fast Track Suggestion therapy targets your concentration and memory, making exam nerves a thing of the past. Fast Track Hypnosis will improve your focus during stressful situations and encourage a calm and tranquil mind.

Treating Exam Stress Using Hypnosis

Only one session is required for treating exam stress using hypnosis, however this is dependent upon the severity of the problem. More than one might be necessary and this would all be discussed with the client before the session commences.

A Support CD is also included in the package to reinforce our work together during the session.

Fee: 95.00 or €95.00

"I got up.
I went to the exam centre.
I chose my questions.
I answered them.
I went home.
No problems, no worries, nothing to get worked up about, in fact everything normal. Is this the same person who was so nervous that in previous exams she could not control her pencil, and her writing shot off all over the page. The same person who was so frightened that even thinking of the course work made her so ill she had to attend the doctor! I can't believe the change in myself-thank you for all you have done." 

Alan Gilchrist Fast Track Hypnosis

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