Someone who is highly motivated will undoubtedly give a better performance than a lesser motivated player- even if their skill set is equal!

Fast Track Hypnosis improves your focus and helps you develop the skills and attitudes necessary to have you playing at the top of your game. Self-limiting beliefs and behaviours become a thing of the past, as these affect results and that is no longer in the game plan!

You will learn visualisation and suggestive techniques and these can be applied to any competitive challenge, which enables you to imagine yourself perfecting your A* swing or the smoothest and quickest mile.
Your recall will also
... improve and you will start to use that to aid you - past achievements become a motivational tool. During the state of relaxation that is hypnosis, you have time to review and consider all of this as well as any previous mistakes - these can soon be corrected before the next training session!

Fast Track Hypnosis calms you down and during the session, you’ll be asked to visualize yourself as a success - this opens the gates to success and all of the positive things that it can bring to your life.

To simply provide you with a motivational tool in your given sport, only one session is required. However, if you have deeper confidence issues, one’s which are attacking your game, then four sessions could be necessary. Be it just the one, or four sessions, Fast Track Hypnosis dramatically speeds up the process- the number of sessions required is entirely dependent upon you and your background.

CDs are also provided to reinforce the ongoing results as they progress and finally clients are taught self-hypnosis to give positive suggestions to themselves without the use of CDs.

Fees 85.00 or €85.00 per session.

"Dear Mr Gilchrist, At first the mile and a half which I was required to run in under fourteen minutes as part of Armed forces selection seemed virtually impossible. Since leaving school and therefore school sport I had gained 2 stone and and acquired a mental block about my fitness level. However I passed selection and start training in October. Many thanks J.


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