Stop Compulsive Hair Pulling with Fast Track Hypnosis


People with Trichotillomania may feel embarrassment, frustration or shame about their condition.

People with Trichotillamania feel embarrassed, frustrated, shamed and depressed about their condition. They fret about other people’s opinion of them and will go to great lengths to hide their behaviour from those closest to them.

There are many theories behind Trichotillamania and the actual reason as to why people want to do this. In my humble opinion, however, I believe they are feeding off the endorphins released by the body after a hair is pulled. Think about it- you pull out a hair, then there’s a sting. After this sting, the body produces a chemical- endorphins, but they are also known as opioids. These chemicals reduce and block the spread of pain messages throughout the brain. This result is not dissimilar to the actions of some pain relief drugs; such as heroin, morphine, anaesthetics etc.

These drugs, including endorphins, provide pleasurable sensations on top of their pain numbing effects. Where stressful situations are concerned, if a sufferer of Trichotillamania plucks out a hair, the release of the opioid will produce feelings of pleasure and reward as well as a runner’s high. This cycle of seeking pleasure lasts for mere moments, but people are helpless to stop the cycle and continue the endless search for those endorphins.

Just as a drug addict, a Trichotillamania sufferer seeks that same high. Clients often tell me they pull their hair in stressful circumstances, but others say they crave that feeling of satisfaction.

Fast Track Hypnosis can treat Trichotillamania, but I have practical advice to break the compulsive behaviour too.

The brain has become addicted to endorphins and I therefore recommend that the client wears a rubber band on their wrist. When they feel the urge to tug at their hair, they snap the band against their wrist.

This helps in two ways:

1. Think of the mind as a computer. The urge to pull hair out is part of a programme and the best way to prevent completion, is by placing a bug in the system. Snapping the band against the wrist brings a new action to the fore, one the mind doesn’t recognize. This weakens the memory pattern and starts to break the habit.

2. Snapping the rubber band will also satisfy the craving for endorphins. The hair puller is still receiving the fix, but in a different way.

With the combination of this practical advice and the Fast Track Hypnosis process, the habit can easily be ‘erased’ from the client’s mind, as the confidence of a sufferer is also worked on and heightened. Fast Track Hypnosis used to combat Trichotillamania has a high success rate.

This treatment occurs within four sessions, but it is dependent upon each person and the depth of the compulsion. Four sessions are usually required to break the compulsive behaviour. Unfortunately, I can’t fast track hair growth- that side of things is out of my hands, but I will help you get you to a stage, where you wait for your hair to regrow without longing to pull it!

Fees 85.00 or €85.00 per session.Alan Gilchrist Fast Track Hypnosis


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