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Alan Gilchrist and Panic Attacks

Alan Gilchrist uses Fast Track Hypnosis to promote the state of complete mental and physical relaxation and enables you to start leading your life to the full again. If you’re tired of suffering, tired of feeling afraid, then Fast Track Hypnosis could be for you.

Hypnosis is a relaxant and a speedy one at that. It will provide you with clarity and rationality, allowing you to deal with your worries and fear in a relaxed frame of mind. As such, they hold no power. Fast Track Hypnosis will help you to develop a new mental and physical attitude towards your wellbeing and you’ll cease fearing the unknown and will embrace the world- as you’ll see it through fresh eyes. You’ll learn that the unknown is out of your control and rather than cause you panic, you’ll simply shrug it off. Life is for living, after all!

Treating panic attacks can take up to four sessions, but this is entirely dependent upon the commitment and the response from the client. Fast Track Hypnosis is four times faster than conventional therapy and in comparison to the 1000 hour therapy used by psychologists, incalculably quicker! Saving you time and money, more importantly, it frees you from the prison of your mind’s own making and will release you into the world once more. Once we have discussed your background and history, I can give you a more accurate measure of how many sessions you require.

Support CDs, which are part of the package, reinforce our work together and I will also teach you auto hypnosis, as this enables you to recreate the wonderful state of relaxation you’ll experience during our session together, wherever and whenever you need it most!

Fees 85.00 or €85.00 per session.

“Before I came to Alan in Spain I was almost at my wits end having experienced the worst panic attacks of my life. Even after the the first session and playing the CD Alan gave me brought considerable relief.
I continued to practice the deep breathing in between sessions and at the end of 4 sessions I am a different man person – much more relaxed and feeling in control. Many thanks Alan for all your help – it is much appreciated……Des……”

Alan Gilchrist Fast Track Hypnosis

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