Using Fast Track Hypnosis and Relaxation techniques combined
has the most fantastic side effects - both mental and physical.

" Hi Alan, just a very grateful thank you, had my first session yesterday with you and have felt unbelievable since, you have done more for me in 30 minutes than doctors, medicine and councillors in 3 years. I cannot wait for our next session soon...Tony.."

Mental Relaxation

In this day and age, the term 'serene' is almost becoming obsolete. But true mental relaxation, leads to an increased sense of inner serenity. Your mood will improve, you'll find you're less irritable and will have increased control over your temper. Your sleep quality will improve and you'll more than likely waken with a sense of feeling refreshed.

Physical Relaxation

Stressful lifestyles with long work schedules can lead to physical conditions, such as:

Enduring any of these symptoms for a lengthy amount of time and your health will start to deteriorate. Fact. Once these symptoms appear, your body is warning you. Ease the pressure or you'll have to deal with the consequences!

Fast Track Hypnosis is stresses natural enemy as it reduces stress levels in a quick and effective way. Other conventional therapies can and do work, but they are far slower and the difference to your life won't be experienced for a long time.

You want change now, don't you?  Then Fast Track Hypnosis is the answer.

Before commencing with Fast Track Hypnosis, it is always advisable to consult your GP to ensure that your problem isn’t physical and is stress-related.

Fast Track Hypnosis shores up your mind's natural defences, which protects it against mental and physical attack. The word choice seems harsh, but if you live with any of the above symptoms, then stress is actively attacking you.

Within four session, dependent upon the severity of your anxiety and stress levels, as well as your response to treatment and the commitment you show, the way you view and react to the world will change.

It is impossible to state accurately how many sessions are required, due to every patient’s differences, but Fast Track Hypnosis dramatically speeds the whole process up. Conventional hypnotherapy can take up to fifteen sessions!

CDs are also supplied as after care, to reinforce the sessions and finally, you will learn Auto-hypnosis, so that you can learn to take your relaxation autonomously! You control it! It no longer controls you!

Fees 85.00 or €85.00 per session.

"Dear Alan,
I attended your office at the end of July for your stress relief therapy. I had already been through 4 cycles of IVF treatment and was about to go for my fifth try, so I wanted to make it as stress free as possible. I listened to your CD every night for the month before the treatment and although I did fall asleep ever night before the end of it I am happy to report that I have just had a positive pregnancy test.

I want to thank you sincerely for your help as I do believe that stress plays a large part in the outcome of this treatment.
Thanking you.......Rhonda"

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