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The key to the treatment, is to help a person to overcome their self-doubts and insecurities by implanting positive suggestions over the mind associations and negative emotions centred around a particular situation.

So powerful is Fast Track Hypnosis, that you will overcome self-doubt and start to rebuild your self-confidence, taking it to unparalleled heights. This means that you can be in a situation that once would have petrified you, and you can deal with it with fresh eyes and a fresh mind and be completely unperturbed by it!

If you feared meetings, social events, presentations etc because of your low confidence, then that fear will gradually disappear. Why? Because the process will enable you to craft a more positive attitude in regards to anything that would have once caused you concern, upset, unease, anger or self-consciousness. The power and the control revert to you. Once again, you’re in the driving seat of your own life - not your fear! ...

Usually only ONE session is necessary if the problem is a simple one.

If an issue is deeply rooted, it can take up to four sessions, depending upon your response and your commitment to the process. In comparison to the longer methods used by psychologists and conventional Hypnotherapists, Fast Track Hypnosis can have you back on track and within no time at all.

It is impossible to be totally accurate in detailing how many sessions are required, as each person is different. But be it one or four sessions, the number is dramatically lower than the traditional sessions required by conventional therapists!

Support CD's are provided within the Fast Track package and this will reinforce our work together. You will also learn self-hypnosis, which will provide you with the ability to top up our work together, if a situation arises, where you just need to calm down and relax.

Fast Track Hypnosis at Belfast Hypnotherapy Centre is about empowering you and returning the control to you!

Fees 85.00 or €85.00 per session.

" I went to see Alan as a last resort. My lack of confidence in myself was affecting my life terribly. Finding it difficult to leave the house , even didn't like big crowds or having attention in any way.Alan changed my life.
Sounds dramatic but I can't explain anymore. Give it a go ! Thank you Alan............ Dr. G.........."
Alan Gilchrist Fast Track Hypnosis

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